The Pram Pouch

Why the Pram Pouch?

‘I love giving busy mums the choice and freedom to easily get out the door with everything they need for the day, regardless of what they choose to do or if plans change.’ – Emily Jones, Creator & Designer

Light and portable, yet strong and durable, the Pram Pouch fits all popular pram brands and is perfect for any type of outing. It’s the backpack for your stroller and pram. No need to carry one yourself – let the pram do all the work!

Masters of multi-tasking, parents are pretty clever at doing more than one thing at once; and as such a pram is often used as more than just a vehicle for your child. Emily found that the lack of space and accessibility underneath greatly restricted the versatility of the pram. It would also become unbalanced when groceries or  swimming gear was hung from the handles. Both these issues made life very stressful while trying to look after a young child.

Frustrated by the lack of any solutions on the market to solve these problems, Emily took matters into her own hands and set about designing what would later become the Pram Pouch.

The Pram Pouch increases the storage space of the pram or stroller so parents aren’t restricted to the undercarriage storage. The stability of the pram is maintained, even when the bag is full, no more worrying about the pram or stroller tipping over! There’s even an easy access pocket at the back for your phone or wallet. Thanks to the unique, exclusive design of the Pram Pouch, outings with children are simple and stress free.

‘The Pram Pouch came to life over a period of about 18 months, as I tried to get it as perfect as possible. The final design was created and taken everywhere with me for 3 months, on picnics, to markets, to the beach, to swimming lessons and even travelling, just to make sure it was perfect. It was! I finally felt free again, and a little bit like ‘old’ me! I could choose to go out all day and not worry about where I was going to put everything.

Everything fit and was easily accessible. My life was so much easier and I was flexible to go wherever I wanted again (well, almost!).’ – Emily Jones

Mums everywhere are raving about the Pram Pouch!

  • Marnie
    Love my Zoozaro bag! As a first time mum, this has made getting out and about with a newborn so much easier…great for putting your shopping in while you are cruising up and down the aisles… Highly recommend!
  • Angela
    Fits my son’s preschool backpack and the pram didn’t tip over when my youngest got out for once! Great product!
  • Donna
    No more hanging plastic bags on the stroller when I shop. Much easier and much safer.

Versatile, spacious, stylish

The Pram Pouch adds extra storage space to your pram or stroller. It’s stylish, sophisticated and is the backpack for your pram or stroller.

This is the bag that will change your life!