The Pram Pouch changes

Getting out and about with kids means so much extra ‘stuff’ needs to be packed! The Pram Pouch is the best accessory for all prams, strollers, wheelchairs and mobility aids, and with it’s super lightweight design, gives that essential extra storage space. Simply attach it to the frame of your stroller, pram or wheelchair and off you go – it even folds up with it when not in use. The Pram Pouch is perfect for picnic rugs, food (so much food), wipes, nappies and is even a great way to manage those unwieldy oxygen tanks. The Pram Pouch makes outings a breeze!

Pram Pouch - Extra Stroller Storage

Discover the Pram Pouch

Light and portable, yet strong and durable, the Pram Pouch fits all popular pram brands and is perfect for any type of outing.

It’s the backpack for your stroller and pram. No need to carry one yourself – let the pram do all the work!

Introducing the Pram Pouch

The Pram Pouch is designed to provide a sleek, sophisticated bag for the discerning parent. It’s the backpack for your stroller and pram. No need to carry one yourself – let the pram do all the work!

Plenty of storage

You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in a Zoozaro Pram Pouch – milk, pasta, bread, celery, tins, jars…8kg and more!

Scrunch-able design

Finished shopping? No problem, just scrunch the bag up and pop it away. It can fit in your handbag or just throw it in the base of the stroller.

Ergonomically designed

Zoozaro hugs the pram or stroller, so you can walk normally with a load of shopping and still maintain the pram’s manoeuvrability and stability.

Perfect balance

Designed with a low centre of gravity to maintain the balance of the pram or stroller, even with a full load of shopping!

Mums everywhere are raving about the Pram Pouch!

  • Marnie
    Love my Zoozaro bag! As a first time mum, this has made getting out and about with a newborn so much easier…great for putting your shopping in while you are cruising up and down the aisles… Highly recommend!
  • Angela
    Fits my son’s preschool backpack and the pram didn’t tip over when my youngest got out for once! Great product!
  • Donna
    No more hanging plastic bags on the stroller when I shop. Much easier and much safer.